“Training with Ryno, in spite of how intense it can be, always feels to me as if you’re training with an old friend who just happens to be an encyclopedia on strength and conditioning.The greatest obstacle between training and me has always been dedication and self-discipline. I believe I have largely overcome both, in no small amount, thanks to Ryno, who will actually phone you if you don’t attend a class. He does this because when you join Him your goals become His goals. That’s why I train with Ryno.” – Juan van Niekerk, Entrepreneur. 

   “I had been looking for a gym that combined strength and conditioning. One of my friends came across his website and suggested that I have a look. I had a look and knew immediately that this was what I was looking for. Not only did Ryno offer the combination of strength and conditioning, but he also provided me with a tailor made workout for my specific goals.
Ryno runs more than a gym. The friendship and support he created you cannot get at any other club or gym. At his studio friendships are not just friendships, they are also your personal motivators and support team that pushes you when you struggle, that motivates you when you think you cannot, that does not just make you believe the impossible is possible, but shows you it is.”  – Barry Mills, Digital Forensics Analyst (SAPD). 

   “About three years ago, I was watching a program on tv about health and the benefits of kettlebell training. Being depressed and overweight, I thought that, if I am going to start excercising, I might as well do something that I might like. I searched on the internet for a kettlebell instructor and came across Ryno Lategan. 
   Ryno helped me immensly by training me , showing me how to eat properly and helping me feel powerful and more confident. Believe me, when people at work start asking you what your secret is for losing so much weight and looking so muscular, the feeling is amazing. I train five times a week, not because I have to, but because I want to and I hope to be training with Ryno for many more years to come.”  – Willie Lombard, Pharmacist.

   “I have been with Ryno from the very beginning…the training is intense and hands on. Not like other clubs where you are just a number but a individual student.
Where the student is actually accounted for and looked after (weight, fitness and friendships) most certainly one of the best clubs I have ever trained at! Its a safe house not just a club!!! Ryno will always be like a brother and no matter where I go Ryno is forged into my fighting spirit.” – Rudi van der Walt, Specialist Welder.